Black Bear Energy Resources PLC

(“Black Bear Energy Resources” or the “Company”)

Admission Statement


JP Jenkins is pleased to announce the admission of Black Bear Energy Resources PLC to its dealing platform.


Registered Office: The Old Workshop, 1 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PA



  1. Company Description:

Black Bear Energy Resources Plc is an oil and gas company with onshore assets in the US. The company is committed to delivering a competitive and sustainable rate of return to shareholders via acquisition and environmentally responsible development of oil and natural gas vital in moving towards US energy independence.

The company’s management team consists of highly experienced oil and gas professionals with management, development and operational expertise required to run the business, including significant experience in Michigan and Texas. Additionally, management is hands-on and has been involved in drilling and completing wells in various parts of the US, Australia, Russia and Asia. The company believes there is no substitute for being on the ground and being involved with daily operations.

The company is tech-driven, with environmentally responsible operators and a focus on efficient, low operating expenditures. The company is well-positioned and maintains a straight-forward development plan via targeted and thoughtful acquisition, scalability, and development of carefully selected near production assets.


  1. Board of Directors

Anthony Mason – Founder and CEO

Richard Hoblyn – VP Business Development

Anne Tawney – Director of Brand Strategy & Communications


  1. Financial Statements

The Company’s latest financials can be accessed on the company profile page of our website.




Anthony Mason, Founder & CEO of Black Bear Energy Resources commented: “Society is demanding solutions for energy delivered in new and better ways for a low carbon future. At Black Bear Energy Resources we know the future starts today. The core business of Black Bear Energy Resources is to provide optimal and sustainable rates of return to shareholders by environmentally responsible acquisition and development of oil and natural gas onshore in the USA. Our business is based on short-cycle returns and scalability balanced against longer-term assets. Sustainability, safety, and our commitment to ESG are embedded in all we do. Our value-driven strategy focuses on continuously generating capital efficiencies, low operating costs and state of the art industry leading technology.”


Mason Doick, Head of Corporate Development at JP Jenkins said: “We are delighted to welcome Black Bear Energy Resources PLC to our unique share trading platform. Their hands on approach gives us great comfort in their future development and we look forward to working with the company’s incredibly experienced team.


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Black Bear Energy Resources PLC

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Founder and CEO