15 March 2021

Black Bear Energy Resources Plc

Issuance of Warrants


The Board of Directors of Black Bear Energy Resources Plc, the UK based oil and gas acquisition and development Company focused on assets onshore in the USA, announces the following:


TG Davis – 2,000,000
JD Delaney – 1,000,000
PA O’Connell – 1,000,000
MA Osborn – 1,000,000
GC Reece – 1,500,000                                                                                                                                                                
RJ Savill – 1,500,000


About Black Bear Energy Resources PLC

At Black Bear Energy Resources, our commitment is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to shareholders via acquisition and environmentally responsible development of oil and natural gas resources vital in moving towards US energy independence.  Black Bear Energy Resources is committed to preserving the environment and its impact on society at every step of every operation.  Sustainability and safety are at the heart of the Company’s ethos.

Black Bear Energy Resources Plc is a UK based company with natural gas and oil assets onshore in the United States. Twitter: @blackbearERplc,  LinkedIn: Black Bear Energy Resources plc; web: blackbearenergyresources.com


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