Innovative Power Generation Limited

(“Innovative Power Generation” or the “Company”)

Admission Statement


JP Jenkins is pleased to announce the admission of Innovative Power Generation and its ordinary shares to trading on its dealing platform.

Registered Office: 17 Clarendon Road, Belfast, United Kingdom, BT1 3BG

  1. Company Description:

Protecting the environment and sustainability is the global focus of the international community. Innovative Power Generation Limited (IPG) has embedded ESG and sustainability into the core of all we do. Bringing together complimentary leading technology, we offer total Waste to Energy (WTE) scalable, off grid, bespoke solutions. We convert plastic, tyres, food waste, farm waste, hospital hazardous and non-hazardous waste, and Bio waste into green renewable energy. The electricity, hydrogen, RNG, heat, organic compost and construction materials produced will support global CO2 reduction in industry, leisure, hospitals, education, and communities. This will also lead to significant reductions in energy and waste management costs. IPG is a committed supporter of those affected by autism.

  1. The Market

The global waste to energy market is expected to reach €66.3 billion by 2027, ascending at a CAGR of 7.4% over the forecast period. Governments are emphasising on the development of alternate energy production sources such as Waste to Energy (WTE) plants owing to surging power demand along with the rapid depletion of conventional energy sources, The UK government aims to have all vehicle electrically powered by 2030. LNG/RNG as a green means to provide power to off grid systems is faced with massive demand and delivery Expected market growth of 100% between 2018-2023. Asia and Europe are the biggest markets, forecast market size €3.5b between 2018-2030, RNG/LNG container market expected to rise quicker than LNG due to Off-Grid power demands Oil based Off-Grid demand converting to Biogas/LNG at a rate of 5%-8% per annum. It is estimated that over €1.7trillion euro will be directed into ESG and sustainability projects over the next 5 years.

  1. Board of Directors

Brian Mcgee – Chairman

Ryan Mcgee – Head of Sales/Marketing

James Cunningham – Group Managing Director

  1. Financial Statements

The Company’s latest annual report and accounts for the year end can be accessed on the company profile page of our website.


 Brian McGee, Chairman of IPG commented: “We are pleased to announce this private placement offering, which will allow us to continue to invest in our business and execute on our business plan where we see us as central to the Governments Green Revolution Plan to offer a total off grid bespoke circular waste to energy solution for the betterment of the environment, communities and to drive down CO2 emissions”.

Veronika Oswald, Director of J P Jenkins said: “We would like to welcome Innovative Power Generation Ltd to our unique share trading platform and we look forward to working with a company that has ESG principles and sustainability at its heart. IPG is not only looking after how energy is produced or converted but the company is also supporting Autism charities in their local area.

How to trade:

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For further information, please contact: 

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Innovative Power Generation Limited

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Jim Cunningham                       +44 (0) 77 4106 7861

Group Managing Director