How It Works

Buying or selling shares using our platform is a quick and simple process.

All you need is a stockbroker who holds your shares.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a matched bargain facility for trading your shares i.e we match a willing buyer with a willing seller. The advantages of a matched bargain versus auction are the following:

  • We can trade with a wide range of stockbrokers and banks, therefore you can use your existing stockbroker
  • No cost for stockbrokers to trade via JPJ, so therefore no added cost to the company or the investor
  • Real time price and volumes shown on the JPJ website
  • Trades can be effected immediately if buy and sell order limits match compared to waiting for an auction.
  • If orders almost match we can try and negotiate between the brokers to achieve a deal.
  • Shareholders
  • Potential Investors
  • Company
  • Stockbrokers


  • Sign up

  • See an indicative price for your shares

  • Your broker contacts JP Jenkins to register your interest to buy or sell shares

  • Buyer matched

  • You approve the sale of your shares

  • Deal is completed

  • Receive cashRecieve Cash

Potential Investors

  • Sign up

  • Browse Offerings

  • Contact your broker & ask them to contact JPJ

  • JPJ contacts seller's broker

  • Deal is completed

  • Receive shares straight into your broking account


It is a simple process to provide your shareholders with a dealing service and communicate with a wider investor audience.

To join JP Jenkins, you will need to complete an application form & sign up with a Registrar to enable your shares to be settled through CREST (the electronic settlement system).

Please contact JP Jenkins for further information including our fee structure.


In order to buy or sell shares via the JP Jenkins platform, you must execute any transaction via your broker.

JP Jenkins is happy to provide you with basic information on the shares in which you may have an interest e.g. indicative price, whether there is a known purchaser or seller, average trade size, etc., but we are not authorised to execute trades on your behalf. JP Jenkins is authorised only to deal with regulated stockbrokers.

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