How it Works

There are a number of obvious incentives and benefits to being part of the JPJ community and platform. JP Jenkins is part of a bigger secondary market ecosystem providing a suite of complementary services to investors, shareholders and companies. Admission to the marketplace is a straightforward process comprising of basic due diligence, review by the JP Jenkins team and the transfer of shares for trading on the platform.

how does it work?

Routes To Market

Here at JP Jenkins, we tailor your approach to admission and provide the most suitable action for your shareholders and investors.

Companies and Investors have two routes to market –¬†You can chose to use either JP Jenkins Direct (Our Online Platform) or Traditional (Broker to Broker).


Traditional broker to broker


Online trading platfom


 Simple admission steps to join our platform


1. Contact JP Jenkins to enquire about admission.

2. Receive tailored proposal, JP Jenkins will then complete standard due diligence on each company (accounts/directors).

3. Sign up with registrar and obtain Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) & International Securities Identification Number (ISIN).

4. Admission of company onto our platform.


1. Contact JP Jenkins to enquire about admission.

2. Receive tailored proposal, JP Jenkins will then complete standard due diligence on each company (accounts/directors).

3. Sign agreements and completion of application form.

4. Admission of company onto our platform.




How do I trade? 

Simply trade through your existing broker or utilise our online platform directly


Please note – you may only trade companies shown on the marketplace which are broker to broker.

1. Review our marketplace.

2. Instruct a broker (either your existing broker or we can recommend one) to contact JP Jenkins dealing desk.

3. Our dealing desk match a willing buyer and seller.

4. Transactions are executed.


Please note – you may not be able to trade all companies on our marketplace, only the companies shown on the Direct platform can be traded.

1. Create an account via the link below. 

2. Follow the simple steps to verify your account.

3. Once your account is created, you can review our marketplace, place trades, set price and volume.

4. Once matched, these transactions are executed.the 

Providing Liquidity for 30 years...

Access Opportunities

Diversify your portfolios, manage your investments and gain access to exciting growth opportunities.

Exit Options

Allow employees, shareholders and investors a mechanism to trade shares. Provide a partial or full exit to your shareholders via a fair and transparent auction process.

Avoid Wide Spreads

Provide a de-risked proposition where investors have peace of mind and no wide price spreads. Orders can be negotiated and executed on a matched bargain basis.

Cost Effective

Listing on a public exchange can cost between £200k-£500k per annum (incl NOMADs and sponsoring brokers, etc). In comparison to our services that begin from £10k.

What people say?

The JP Jenkins platform is an ideal steppingstone for private companies to mature before the rigours of a public listing whilst facilitating liquidity for early backers.
Ian Wallis
Director - Startech NG
"We decided to delay our listing due to Covid creating a volatile market. I opted for the stability of the JPJenkins secondary market. Never looked back. The start of a number of covid related decisions that has allowed us to flourish in very difficult times. Possibly some of the best decisions I've ever made.
Conrad Swailes
Managing Director & Founder - RGH