Uber: Fare Value?

9 May 2019

The verdict on this Friday’s Uber IPO is like the narrowly divided Brexit referendum except people will get a chance to vote with their pocket. So it will be illuminating to see how psychology..

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The Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules!

30 Apr 2019

The Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules! There have been a number of recent events in the gold sector that may dictate the near term movements in the price that are different from the usual m..

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Dual Listing Alternatives

22 Aug 2018

Dual Listing Alternatives   London’s growing share trading facility for Junior Mining Stocks   Many companies are increasingly aware of the importance of cross border markets and..

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5 Apr 2018

We are happy to report that our co-owner, Peterhouse Corporate Finance has closed its 200th capital raise in the past 3 years with a total funding of circa £200m for smaller gro..

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Proud supporters of Jonathan Jenkins

7 Feb 2018

We are very proud to be supporting Jonathan Jenkins, a former colleague and the son of John Jenkins an original founder together with our director Paul Brown.  Jonathan has chosen probably the..

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Bitcoins all the way?

10 Jan 2018

There has been a LOT of news on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general in the past few weeks, not forgetting to mention that the price has climbed to almost £15,000 over the past weekend. We ..

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Animal Spirit

The Sunday Times, November 26, 2017 The days of valuing companies on their fundamentals are over Luke Johnson - Animal Spirit  Over time, the way in which investors judge value has evolved..

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Goldbugs to take flight

Our in-house mining advisor and big gold enthusiast Malcolm Burne, who is also Founder Chairman of the Golden Prospect Precious Metals Fund shares his view on the current gold market! I think this w..

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Passionate Investing

Alternative investments are becoming more popular these days.One would think investing your hard earned cash in wine or a classic car would be reckless but recent stats show otherwise.Not only are s..

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Platform Capitalism

THE NEW ECONOMY When I was entering the city as an equity research analyst for a stockbroking firm, shall we say a good few bull and bear markets ago, I was doing a probate evaluation on my grandfa..

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Football Fans Lose Their Voice

The opportunity for foreign investors to buy into the multi-billion-pound football industry in the UK has been highly popular. 45% of the Premier League football clubs are owned solely by 1 sharehol..

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Recent stats reveal that the number of AIM companies delisted from AIM over the past 10 years has been approximately 700! The rate is running at circa 60-80 per year. For smaller cap companies ..

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Revival of the Investment Club

We at JPJ think it’s great to currently see the re-emergence of ‘Wider Share Ownership’, a Thatcherite encouraged movement in the 80’s privatisation era.There has recently be..

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Unlocking the unlisted

Unlocking the unlisted As demand for secondary market facilities is sharply increasing, JP Jenkins is pleased to announce the launch of its new trading platform and updated website.The revamped sit..

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Our latest addition - Star Tech NG Plc

JP Jenkins, the UK’s matched bargain platform established for over 25 years as the leading secondary market dealing service in unlisted securities is pleased to introduce an exciting new inves..

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