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SBS Group Limited

AMT Group Bond Funding

We are pleased to confirm that the highly progressive vehicle and commercial company is participating in a significant funding increase in its business plan, primarily through its vehicle rental subsidiary. This planned funding will operative within the LCP Financial Ltd 4% 2027 existing qualified security bonds, listed and traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange and on the Bloomberg Platform

A composite arrangement of secured debt free vehicles combined with a progressive and added fleet from within its own portfolio, together with planned purchased fleets of varying vehicles, will provide the security under the bond conditions.

Significant revenue streaming and increasing capability for the growth of the business in this highly profitable sector will be provided by a series of placings through both high-net-worth groups and institutional funders alike.

With an initial allocation of up to £20,000,000 on terms that have been agreed, this will establish a clear platform for the group to enter the next phase of its development as a major countrywide force in this fast-growing sector.

We have made clear to the group, a combination of equity growth and bond funding as well as specialist instruments dedicated solely to their needs, is available to them with immediate effect.

Due diligence and compliance requirements within the overall strategy are being progressed with all practical speed. A further update will be available as soon as the target steps are achieved.

Work is progressing expeditiously on the overall order flow and further updates as each target date is achieved.

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