Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

About Us

We have been providing liquidity solutions for over 30 years and understand the necessity to access capital

Our Story

Founded in 1991, JP Jenkins is the UK’s most established share trading platform for private companies. We help companies engage with existing shareholders to manage their private share holding. We help early stage investors realise a return on their paper wealth. Our mission is to provide an efficient process of matching willing buyers and sellers of unlisted company shares.

The JPJ platform allows unquoted companies to potentially create shareholder liquidity and long-term engagement with existing investors. JPJ was a founding member of AIM and OFEX, now AQUIS (AQSE) exchange. We have previously had companies such as NCP, Arsenal, Weetabix, Adnams and many more.


Our vision

We strive to grow and maintain an efficient facility for private companies as we have been doing for the past 30 years. We have built an ecosystem to provide multiple opportunities for any suitable growth company. We provide liquidity by unlocking the unlisted and allowing access to opportunity to benefit all parties involved

Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience in the secondary market from the investment and finance industry.

Mike McCudden


Sagrys De Beer

Head Of Technology

Veronika Oswald

Commercial Director

Mason Doick

Head Of Corporate

Andrew McGlynn​

Head of Onboarding

Andrew Foster


Derek Crous

Technology Advisor

Edwin Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer

Our Platform

Our platform offers shareholder liquidity. We help companies manage their cap table and can set them on the path to wider share ownership, or even an IPO if so wished.


Raising money and sourcing liquidity solutions via our secondary market is now easier for shareholders, companies and their advisers.

Benefits of JP Jenkins

Latest Prices

Matched buyers and sellers, historic prices, completed transactions and volumes all shown on our platform.

Exit Options

Access liquidity, view established UK private companies and manage your holdings in alternative asset classes.

Corporate Governance

Improve investor relations and corporate governance sharing updates and announcements to your shareholders.

Past & Present Companies

From Weetabix to Manchester City Football Club, our platform has been used by a wide range of small and large companies.

More Companies
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Interest Category:

JP Jenkins is a platform for private companies shares to be matched. 

  • Our traditional broker to broker service.

Any LSE (London Stock Exchange) registered broker can contact our team to place an order. If you do not have one currently, our team will be able to recommend.

We purely provide a facility for the matching of unquoted shares and strictly do not offer any advice.

Our fees start from £10,000 per annum.

This includes the application fee, initial due diligence, administrational and admission costs.

Bespoke liquidity with tailored approach to the most suitable option for shareholders.

Access our growing community and communicate to our investors.

Any investment contains a level of risk, particularly early stage companies. Many of these early stage companies fail and even established businesses can struggle. 

We would recommend to any investor to carefully familiarise themselves with all the information provided for each company before investing. You should also asses each of the risks involved with investing to make sure they are appropriate for your portfolio. 

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