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InfinitX, the new technology powering JP Jenkins, has received a flurry of commendations in the final quarter of 2023. These plaudits reflect the growing demand  for next generation  solutions as capital markets continue to fragment and shift away from their traditional structures.

By using  InfinitX, JP Jenkins can now integrate seamlessly with the existing capital market ecosystem. This allows any broker or other regulated financial intermediary the abilityto access prices and place orders using their standard trading terminal. The assets remain unquoted, but accessibility is dramatically improved for buyers and sellers alike.

Recently, InfinitX has received the following recognitions:

Leading Innovators in Private Trading Technology 2023, UK by Innovation in Business. Innovation in Business’ Technology Innovator Awards 2023 provided a platform for companies like InfinitX  to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, game-changing innovations, and positive impact on the business landscape.

Finalist for Private Trading Technology 2023 with FF Awards.  More than 250 entries were received and over 6,000 votes were cast by the public, before the final decisions were made by a judging panel of industry experts. 

Business Cloud awarded InfinitX 2nd place in the UK’s Most Innovative Tech Creators 2023, where it climbed up from number 37 of 50 in 2022 to be second amongst a number of recognised leading financial service providers.

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