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Thrive Renewables PLC is a renewable energy company that has been working to reduce emissions and tackle the climate emergency since 1994.

Thrive connects people to sustainable energy, offering accessible opportunities for individuals and businesses to have a stake in clean energy projects.

The company develops, funds, owns and operates a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects, including onshore wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and battery storage. 




Buyers decide on the price per share they’re willing to pay, and the number of shares they wish to buy. Buyers can choose to buy shares at the current Directors’ Valuation or set their own price. The Directors’ Valuation is provided as a guide to the value of Thrive Renewables based on all its operational assets, which have largely predictable long-term cash flows. Shares are matched by prioritising the highest priced buyer with the seller who has been waiting the longest to sell and is willing to accept the price offered. Shares will transact at the buyer’s price.


Sellers decide the minimum price they’ll accept for their shares. Sellers can choose to sell shares at the current Directors’ Valuation or set their own price. The way the share auction works is that the seller can determine a minimum price that they would be willing to accept, so they won’t ever sell the shares at a price they are unhappy with. Shares are matched by prioritising the highest priced buyer with the seller who has been waiting the longest to sell and is willing to accept the price offered. Shares will trade at the buyer’s price.


Thrive Renewables plc is an unlisted company and shares in Thrive Renewables plc are not traded on an investment exchange such as the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market. This means share transactions can be infrequent, and there may be a delay between you giving instructions to buy or sell shares and your order being completed. It also means it can be difficult to assess your investment’s value.


Oct ‘23

Auction Closing:

12pm 31st Oct 2023

Nov ‘23

Auction Closing:

12pm 30th Nov 2023

Please note, if you order has not been settled / matched within a previous auction, this order will be valid and held on our system for a period of 12 months.


Monthly AuctionMonthly AuctionAverage price shares traded at
September 20230£1.96
August 20231,000£1.96
July 20231,500£2.03
June 20235,950£2.06
May 202311,185£2.15
April 202319,600£2.14
March 202320,400£2.11
February 202351,893 £2.11
January 20233,250£2.02
December 20227,564£2.04
Novemeber 202219,741£2.08
October 202246,460£2.18
September 202292,404£2.14
August 2022106,951£2.14

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.


The Directors’ Valuation is currently £2.35 per share.

The Directors’ Valuation was last reviewed on 31 January 2023. Details about the update are available here.

You can get in touch with Thrive on 0117 428 1850 or


Matthew has worked in the Thrive Renewables team (formerly Triodos Renewables) since 2006 and undertakes the overall full-time management of Thrive Renewables Plc. In this time Matthew has contributed to a 15-fold growth in the company. Prior to joining Triodos Bank, Matthew was part of a small team which established Camco International, one of the world’s leading carbon trading companies, focusing on supporting sustainable energy projects via the Kyoto framework.

Colin is a Chartered Engineer who has worked in the renewable energy industry since 1987. He also works as a partner in Everoze, which he co-founded and which is one of the clean energy industry’s leading technical and commercial consultancy firms. During his career, Colin has worked in wide-ranging management and technical roles spanning offshore wind energy, onshore wind energy, solar energy and battery storage.

Katie is an expert in socially responsible investment (SRI) and corporate marketing. She was Head of SRI at Cazenove Capital Management, where she initiated, led and developed the SRI offering, and later Director of Responsible Investment and Stewardship at CCLA. Katie has acted as a trustee of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and board director of UK Sustainable Investment Forum (UKSIF) and is currently an independent member of the Access Endowment Investment Committee and on the Advisory Board of LEAP – Livestock, Environment and People at Oxford University.

Tania joined the Board as Chair of the Audit Committee in 2015. She has built a portfolio of non-executive Director roles at companies including the UK Infrastructure Bank, the Private Infrastructure Development Group (a development finance fund for infrastructure projects in Africa and Asia), Guernsey Electricity and Energy Systems Catapult. Tania worked for leading global engineering and technology services company Siemens until 2015, where she held a number of finance director roles, including in Siemens’ energy business. Tania is the Chair of ViaNinos UK, a charity supporting street children in Ecuador.

Jo Butlin joined Thrive as Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Board in 2022. After spending 25 years leading and operating energy businesses across the country, including roles at E.ON UK, SmartestEnergy and Utilyx, Jo set up her own consulting company, EnergyBridge in 2017 to help businesses and investors navigate the evolving energy market. She is also Chair of Ofgem’s Electricity System Operator (ESO) Performance Panel, Chair of the Board at The Energy Consortium (TEC) and a founder member of the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN), a not-for-profit which supports women working in the utilities industries.

Katrina has been working for Thrive Renewables for ten years, first as Head of Finance and Operations and then as Finance Director and Company Secretary. Katrina is a qualified accountant and previously spent seven years with Watts Gregory as Head of Audit and another seven years as Finance Director of an environmental company that remediated contaminated land. 

Charles has spent much of his career in banking including 14 years as Managing Director of Triodos Bank in the UK. He is currently on the boards of Palladium Impact Capital and Bamboo Capital Partners, part of the Palladium Group, an international development organisation. He is also on the investment committee of a Social Impact Fund investing in the West Midlands and is the Chair of ChildHope.


Peter is Managing Director of Energy 4 Impact, a non-profit organisation which supports small businesses in sustainable and off-grid energy in Sub Saharan Africa. Peter is an expert in renewable energy, with 25 years’ experience as an investor, lender and strategic adviser in the sector. He is a former board member of Renewable World and visiting lecturer at ESCP Business School, and has previously held senior management positions at GE Capital and Siemens Wind.

Monika joined the team in 2007 whilst the company was managed by Triodos Bank. In her role as Investment Director, Monika leads the investment team in the originating, development, acquisition and construction of sustainable energy assets, as well as managing the commercial aspects of the portfolio. Monika is part of the advisory group for Innovate UK’s ‘Prospering from The Energy Revolution’ challenge, which is investing up to £102.5 million in industry and research to accelerate innovation in smart local energy systems.

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