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WeShop is a Shoppable Social Network that combines shopping with social media. Designed with all the functionality consumers have come to expect from social media, WeShop lets you shop the products you love and connect with other people all while earning a stake in the business. And most importantly WeShop pioneers the belief of share democratisation and so, unlike any other platform, it is giving away over 90% of the business to its’ community.
WeShop’s revolutionary ShareBack mechanism means the people using the platform earn an investment in the company with each purchase, successful recommendation or introduction of a new member to the community.
So, through WeShop, just buy the products you always buy, from the same retailers you always use, at the same price you always pay and become an owner WeShop and be part of the #RetailRevolution .
Mid Price
23/03/2023 350 595.00 GBX
28/04/2022 864 350.00 GBX
28/04/2022 864 350.00 GBX
24/02/2022 2000 350.00 GBX
24/02/2022 2000 350.00 GBX
17/02/2022 2000 350.00 GBX
17/02/2022 2000 350.00 GBX
07/01/2022 15,000 325.00 GBX
07/01/2022 15,000 325.00 GBX
20/12/2021 1000 325.00 GBX
20/12/2021 1000 325.00 GBX
25/11/2021 1000 345.00 GBX
25/11/2021 1000 345.00 GBX
25/11/2021 2750 345.00 GBX
25/11/2021 4750 345.00 GBX

Oana is a trust and estates practitioner having qualified in 2016. She has gained considerable experience in a number of roles in the offshore financial services industry, dealing particularly with complex structures for high net worth private clients. Oana has worked on assisting companies to list on the Aquis exchange as well as work on finance negotiations and corporate administration of structures in different jurisdictions, including cross-border transactions.

Andrew Fearon started life as a corporate solicitor before getting involved in media and technology at the age of 30. Initially focused on interactive TV technology and mobile technology he was involved with two successful enterprises, one of which was listed. Since 2005 Andrew has invested in and helped list a mobile technology business, a cyber security business, a software encryption business and a SaaS procurement technology business. He has a strong understanding of Fintech and alternative lending platforms. He has also been involved and helped fund several buy and builds, most recently in the wealth management space.

Richard is a private investor and serial entrepreneur who has successfully helped to bring many companies to the London Stock Exchange. Richard’s investment experience is diverse and covers many sectors but with a strong technological bias. Richard has served on the boards of several publicly traded companies and maintains deep relationships with banks, institutions and brokers in London.

Oliver is an English solicitor having qualified in England and Wales and having worked in London. He subsequently moved to Jersey where he worked for a number of years at a leading offshore law firm where he gained significant experience in both trust and commercial law. Oliver now specialises in assisting clients on a range of matters that focus on private wealth management and administration of complex structures. This work has involved assisting in the listing of companies as well as work on finance negotiations.

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