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FullGreen Ltd

FullGreen Limited is now trading on JP Jenkins

FullGreen Limited

Admission Statement

JP Jenkins is pleased to announce the admission of FullGreen Limited and its shares to trading on its dealing platform.

  1. Company Description:

Launched in October 2015, Fullgreen introduced a globally patented technology to make innovative, long-life plant-based productswithout the need for any preservatives. Operating through two trading subsidiaries, the “Group” sells in approx9,000 major retailers across the UK and US, and exports to Europe, South EastAsia and the Middle East.

Fullgreen provide vegetable-based products that are healthy, low-carb alternatives to traditional rice & grains for people looking to eat less carbs, add more vegetables to their meals, or to manage health issues such as obesity and diabetes. With the growing trend for Plant-based eating, as well as the staggering economic cost of tackling Diabetes & Obesity (UK spend £50 billion & US economic cost is approx. $500 billion per year), we believe our products will continue to increase in relevance in the future.

Fullgreen is the only long-life, riced vegetable brand on the rice & grains shelves today -with up to 89% fewer carbs & calories; and 2 servings of veg per pouch.

Originally founded as “Cauli Rice”, in January 2018 rebranded to Fullgreen Ltd to expand into other vegetable innovations other than cauliflower.

In 2019 we opened our second production line based in the USA. By end 2020 Fullgreen products could be found in all major multiples in the UK; major US  supermarkets incl. Walmart, Kroger,Target, Wholefoods Market; as well as exported around the world. The Group finished 2020 with £5.4m revenue –growing from £3.9m in 2019. Estimated revenue for 2021 is £6.5-£7 million.

Mason Doick, Head of Corporate Development of JP Jenkins said: “We would like to welcome FullGreen to our unique share trading platform. A disruptor in the food industry with its long lasting rice vegetables pushing sustainability to the forefront. With such a wide consumer base globally, it will be a great opportunity for investors to be part of their journey.”

How to trade:

Should shareholders/investors wish to trade, they can do so through our online trading platform (

The indicative price and transaction history are available on J P Jenkins’s website (

For more information, please call +44 (0) 20 7469 0937.

Risk Disclosure:

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