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Recruitment Group Holdings Plc

Resource Group Holdings Q1 Trading Update


Company incorporated in England & Wales with registration number 10150044

4th August 2020

Recruitment Group Holdings plc (RGH or the Company) Trading Update

For immediate release

Resource Group Holdings (RGH), was pleased to announce its admission on London’s JP Jenkins Share Trading Platform on 1st March 2020 which enabled it to start its acquisition strategies, completing its first acquisition of iSP Investments. It has now completed its first quarter’s activity to 31st May 2020 and this press release serves as its first quarterly update.

RGH is providing acquired recruitment entrepreneurs and companies with the opportunity to collaborate with the group’s growing Global network across all sectors. Giving entrepreneurial business owners, value creation, and access to growth capital. In addition, RGH offers full backend support, technical solutions, and resources to help achieve growth within a profitable operating structure.

Current activities under the covid19 restrictions remain profitable and the lockdown time has facilitated some agile changes in acquisition strategy to seize opportunities surfacing in the crisis.

RGH-Global Ltd was formed in April 2020 as a 100% subsidiary of RGH heading the Small Company, Entrepreneur Partner and Associate Acquisition Growth Strategy. This focusses on individual growth engines with a track record of achieving high net billings consistently over the previous 2-3 years. Each one of these entrepreneurial engines is projected to contribute over £50,000 EBITDA per annum or more. These are agile and cashflow positive units of profit generation. Five of these deals were completed in the first quarter with a continued incremental growth strategy.

From 1st August 2020, Justin Madgwick the Founder and Director of our first acquisition iSP Investments Ltd will join the board of RGH bringing with him 30 years of Global recruitment experience. iSP will also become the Group Services provider from 1st October 2020.

RGH is raising up to £250,000 from equity raised under its approved EIS scheme to provide growth working capital for new partners and to cover any further listing costs. The Company now plans to enter AQSX in Q2 2021 on completion of its February 2021 year-end audit.

Company Highlights:

Resource Group Holdings is growing through the issue of RGH shares. Acquiring EBITDA, cashflow positive, SME recruitment businesses, and talented Business Development Consultants.

Arbitrage private company multiples on EBITDA to a public company average multiple on EBITDA, adding value on every acquisition.

Provide benefits of scale to SME companies operating in the recruitment space, whilst maintaining their entrepreneurial skills and business agility.

Utilise appropriate technologies to improve efficiencies for all operating businesses within the group.

Generate superior returns for talent, the entrepreneurs selling their businesses into the Group, and shareholders who invest in RGH through regular dividends of between 30% and 50%.

The company aims to achieve share price uplift from market value multiples on EBITDA and build value uplift for RGH and its shareholders on each acquisition.

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