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JP Jenkins provides a low cost, flexible trading platform for private companies that are looking for an efficient mechanism to allow shareholders to buy and sell shares. Buying and selling your shares on our platform is a quick and simple process. We provide a dealing facility, where we match a willing buyer with a willing seller.


Unlock the unlisted

Our Routes to Market

JP Jenkins Direct

Direct cuts out broker fees, as no broker or intermediary is required, in turn reducing costs for the investor. Our fast and efficient online trading platform allows for share to be traded directly between a willing buyer/seller. 

All share certificates and trade alerts are sent via email with the only requirement for investors/shareholders to self-certify before creating an account. Live indicative pricing and volumes are shown on the platform, with the option to sort via trading volumes by date. 

All investors/shareholders will be able to access their client portal/portfolio including funds/current holdings and pending transactions. 

JP Jenkins Traditional

Trade with a wide range of stockbrokers and banks, you can even use your existing stockbroker.  There are no added fees for stockbrokers, investors or shareholders to trade.

Real time prices and volumes are shown on the JP Jenkins platform and trades can be executed immediately if buy/sell order limits match. If orders almost match, we can negotiate between the brokers to achieve a deal. JP Jenkins provides all the latest reports and updates on each company on the platform to allow for informed decision making.

The companies are required to sign up with a Registrar to enable shares to be settled through CREST (the electronic settlement system).


At JP Jenkins an unquoted trading platform admission cost for shells are circa £5,000. Our private cash shells and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC’s) can be admitted with a minimum of only £50K cash subscription.

The JPJ cash shell/SPAC is a commercially practical method of avoiding the unnecessary duplicative prospectus costs of starting a shell on the public markets. We have a vast amount of experience in this space with our specialists having listed over 30 shells internationally.

With a private SPAC, suspensions do not apply, nor insider lock ups. We at JP Jenkins will be able to make a market for buyers and sellers prior to official relisting. Starting the private Spac is very inexpensive ands avoids duplicating prospectus requirements.


Cross Border Listing

Some foreign companies choose to dual list on the AIM market at economically unviable costs of circa $500k with no guarantees of extra liquidity and unattractive price spreads made by market makers.

An increasing number of companies have instead decided to join the oldest established J P Jenkins (JPJ) trading platform at a fraction of the costs to trade on AIM. In some cases, JPJ will invest a portion of the admission fee which can provide the initial liquidity to commence the dealing process.

EXIT (Coming Soon)

The Exchange Investment Trust plc (EXIT) aims to free up liquidity and value of almost 30,000 former EIS/SEIS financed companies and locked in shareholders.

We offer to exchange these private company shares for shares in our swaps investment vehicle which will be trade-able.

Our highly experienced team will then proactively exploit opportunities to accelerate growth and realisations from these companies.


Most frequent questions and answers

JP Jenkins is a platform and marketplace for private companies shares to be traded. We work via two routes to market and trading. 

  1. Our traditional broker to broker service.
  2. Our Direct online trading platform for investors/shareholders. 

Any qualifying shareholder or investor can utilise our suite of services. We have a comprehensive network of investors via our growing community.

Please see our investors page for more information. 

Our fees start from £10,000 per annum.

This includes the application fee, initial due diligence, administrational and admission costs.

Bespoke liquidity with tailored approach to the most suitable option for shareholders.

Access our growing community and communicate to our investors.

To trade on our platform, you have two options.


Instruct your broker (or our recommended broker) to contact our dealing desk and trade in shares on our platform.


Self certify on our online platform and directly trade the companies on our direct marketplace.

Any investment contains a level of risk, particularly early stage companies. Many of these early stage companies fail and even established businesses can struggle. 

We would recommend to any investor to carefully familiarise themselves with all the information provided for each company before investing. You should also asses each of the risks involved with investing to make sure they are appropriate for your portfolio. 

To sign up for an account, please use the links provided for JP Jenkins Direct. 

If you would rather, you can always use our broker to broker service if you already have a broker working on your behalf (If you require a broker, we can always recommend one).

If you would like to be kept up to date with admissions, company updates, etc, please sign up to our monthly newsletter.