Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.
The liquidity venue for
unlisted assets
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Benefits of JP Jenkins

Latest Prices

Matched buyers and sellers, historic prices, completed transactions and volumes all shown on our platform.

Exit Options

Access liquidity, view established UK private companies and manage your holdings in alternative asset classes.

Corporate Governance

Improve investor relations and corporate governance sharing updates and announcements to your shareholders.

what we do


An liquidity solution for private businesses, to support stakeholders and potential investors.


Delivering liquidity, matching buyers and sellers across a wide range of unlisted investment opportunities.


We support a network of brokers and placing agents, introducing right-sized partners to meet the exact needs of each issuer.


A corporate partnership programme supports our institutional partners in helping private growth companies access liquidity.

Our Companies

JP Jenkins provides a low cost and efficient platform for companies that are looking to allow shareholders to match their shares. Matching shares is easy, as we provide a facility that can quickly engage buyers and sellers.

25+ Companies
10 Sectors
30+ Years
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About us

Founded in 1991, JP Jenkins is the liquidity venue for unlisted assets. We provide an efficient platform for privately held and unlisted businesses who are seeking a liquidity solution for holders of their securities. By using new, innovative technology from InfinitX, we can display live, real-time pricing with any registered broker or other financial institution. They can then connect, execute and settle with JP Jenkins over existing market infrastructures.

What people say

Ian Wallis
Director at Startech ng

"The JP Jenkins platform is an ideal stepping stone for private companies to mature before the rigours of a public listing, whilst facilitating liquidity for early backers."

Advisor of a client
Corporate Advisor

"I reached out to JP Jenkins and was amazed at the speed of response from the team that was excellent. My experience was first rate and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Matthew Clayton
Managing Director at Thrive Renewables

"Working with JP Jenkins has been a very positive experience. They have been flexible, proactive and successfully delivered our first auction on time."

Bobo Kuti
CEO of Tende Energy

"Having previously been on the AIM market, we took the decision to delist and restructure the company. Share trading was moved to JP Jenkins who provided us with an active secondary market whilst also allowing us to recapitalise and acquire new assets, leaving the business well positioned for future public listings."

Company News

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Interest Category:

Any LSE (London Stock Exchange) registered broker can contact our team to place an order. If you do not have one currently, our team will be able to recommend.

We purely provide a facility for the matching of unquoted shares and strictly do not offer any advice.

Our fees start from £10,000 per annum.

This includes the application fee, initial due diligence, administrational and admission costs.

Bespoke liquidity with tailored approach to the most suitable option for shareholders.

Access our growing community and communicate to our investors.

Any investment contains a level of risk, particularly early stage companies. Many of these early stage companies fail and even established businesses can struggle. 

We would recommend to any investor to carefully familiarise themselves with all the information provided for each company before investing. You should also asses each of the risks involved with investing to make sure they are appropriate for your portfolio. 

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