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The Company was established to build a group of aligned but independently managed small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) recruitment companies. This includes companies and agencies in recruitment, human resources and training. The directors plan for the Company and its subsidiaries is to grow initially in the UK and then Globally, through strategic, tactical, asset and people acquisition.

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31/08/2023 104,166 24.00 GBX
30/08/2023 312,500 24.00 GBX
30/08/2023 312,500 24.00 GBX
30/08/2023 312,500 24.00 GBX
30/08/2023 312,500 24.00 GBX
07/08/2023 104,166 24.00 GBX
31/07/2023 37,500 24.00 GBX
13/06/2023 208,333 24.00 GBX
18/04/2023 1,332,708 24.00 GBX
21/03/2023 279,708 24.00 GBX
21/03/2023 167,188 24.00 GBX
21/03/2023 62,500 24.00 GBX
17/01/2023 8,333 24.00 GBX
17/01/2023 41,667 24.00 GBX
17/01/2023 83,333 24.00 GBX
01/10/2022 20,833 24.00 GBX
01/10/2022 75,000 24.00 GBX
01/09/2022 75,000 24.00 GBX
01/09/2022 1,332,708 24.00 GBX
22/12/2021 8,333 24.00 GBX
22/12/2021 41,667 24.00 GBX
22/12/2021 41,667 24.00 GBX
22/12/2021 41,667 24.00 GBX
20/12/2021 1,862,062 13.40 GBX
15/10/2021 33,333 24.00 GBX
19/07/2021 104,167 24.00 GBX
08/06/2021 50,000 24.00 GBX
08/06/2021 50,000 24.00 GBX
15/05/2021 83,334 24.00 GBX
15/05/2021 1,500,000 24.00 GBX

Cameron is a serial innovator and chief executive of quoted public companies in both the fintech and mining sectors. He is Founder and CEO of neo banking platform and hard currency Tally®. He was Founder and CEO of London Stock Exchange AIM-quoted vertically integrated gold company, Lionsgold Limited (LSE:LION); Founder and inaugural CEO of natural resources investing company Metal Tiger PLC (LSE: MTR); and co-Founder and inaugural Executive Chairman of Coinsilium Group Ltd (NEX: COIN) – the world’s first blockchain technology company to list on a recognised investment exchange. He is a Financial Conduct Authority approved person (FCA Ref No. CJP01234) and Joint-CEO and a major shareholder of 31-year old London Stockbroking firm, First Equity Limited (FCA Licence No. 124394).

Cameron is an early-stage business and deal making expert. His involvement in this acquisition-led Group is to guide the corporate strategy through successful listing and future fund raisings and expansion through acquisition, maximising shareholder value.

Harby is British and based in London. He qualified with CIMA at Cable & Wireless and has spent many years working in Senior Financial roles. For 5 years he worked with Appmail, a US recruitment software firm, to deliver Network Rail’s national recruitment using unique applicant tracking technology. He has helped international companies with their Asia and Far East growth and entry strategies and this led to his appointment as a Board Member of CIMA overseeing their Global expansion, particularly in HK, China, India and EMEA. Harby has AIM public markets experience, having been appointed as the UK NED to HK based LED International Holdings He is also a member of the exclusive Deloitte Academy for Non-Executive Directors.

Harby is the financial, secretarial and management accounting driver within the group. Strong due diligence (“DD”), onboarding, governance and reporting pre and post-acquisition ensures all group entities function effectively both individually and for the collective good of the Group, and to drive value for all shareholders

Justin is the CEO and Co Founder of the RGH Group having been the co owner of iSP, the first acquisition of RGH. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) and iSP is a corporate member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Preceded by an early career in Technology sales within the Apple Business Centre sector, he has vast experience in the recruitment industry, from recruitment consultant to director with private and listed businesses, eventually creating and co-founding ISP in 2013. In January 2014, ISP acquired the IT, Insurance and Business Support divisions of a multi-sector recruitment provider. His experience spans across the world including recruiting in the UK, Europe, Far East, Middle East, India, Africa and the US.

Justin is the core recruitment expertise within the Group. With many dinosaur recruitment agencies that have become RPO’s rather than talent sources, the challenger SME agencies and talent we target provide agility and technical know-how to meet the needs and demands of today’s customers and plugs us into the growth area opportunities of the market.

Conrad qualified with CIMA at the Financial Times, then moving to Asia and the the Near East where he pioneered BPO and overseas sourcing becoming a Managing Director, returning to the UK co-founding one of the early search and digital marketing agencies as investor and CEO. More recently a co-founder and Director of The Marketing Group Plc a NASDAQ First North listed entity. One of the fastest growing, acquisitive, technology led Marketing Groups in the history of that market. His career has been truly global, establishing effective networks, with a successful leadership, acquisition and deal making track record.

Conrad is the entrepreneurial leader, deal maker and value creator. Removing the glass ceiling for entrepreneurs and SME recruitment professionals to achieve their ambitions and a pre-planned route to medium and long term value creation for themselves and investors

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