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Choosing to be a private company

This week Pitchbook demonstrated that more companies are choosing to remain private. A Bloomberg report shows that the number of companies trading in London has contracted by 25% over the past decade. So where there are fewer companies currently choosing to go public, there are also public companies seeking to go private.

We’re thrilled to act as a bridging solution to underscore our position as a venue for private companies as the UK public markets consolidate their position. Most recently we have successfully facilitated the delisting of two companies. 

Our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient venue for companies seeking alternative liquidity options supports this. What does this mean for companies seeking a private alternative and why does  JP Jenkins stand out as the preferred solution?

A Tailored Delisting Process: We understand that each company’s journey is unique. Our team works closely with listed companies and their advisers to navigate the delisting process with a tailored approach, ensuring a smooth transition.

Enhanced Liquidity Options: Companies listed on JP Jenkins benefit from customised liquidity options, providing them with the flexibility to manage their financial strategies effectively. This is crucial for those seeking a strategic exit or looking to either diversify or support their shareholder base.

Access to a Robust Distribution Network: By joining JP Jenkins, companies gain access to a diverse and robust community actively participating in supporting private companies. This expanded reach opens up new opportunities for companies to attract potential investors and partners.

Transparency, Visibility and Trust: JP Jenkins prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of transparency and trust. Our venue provides a secure environment for companies and intermediaries, fostering confidence in the delisting process and subsequent transactions and we provide visibility akin to capital market environments through a dedicated news service.

 Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution: Going private on JP Jenkins is not only efficient but also cost-effective. We understand the financial implications of such decisions, and our venue is designed to minimise costs while maximising value for all parties involved.

In conclusion, the continued success of delistings on JP Jenkins reaffirms our status as the go-to liquidity and secondary market venue for unquoted assets. For listed companies navigating the delisting journey and considering their strategic options in 2024, JP Jenkins offers a positive and reliable solution

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if your company or client is considering going private – we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

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